With The Josef Group, you have an indispensable resource for continuous personnel. But our standards don’t just mean exacting benchmarks for each and every individual who fills our listings, but the firm and clear desire to deliver the best people with the best methods.

Contingency Placement:

A common way The Josef Group serves its clients is by providing contingency placements in which you, the client, only make a payment if you find that perfect candidate for your need.

There is no fee for interviewing, but we are so successful at finding elite talent that our candidates often end up with multiple offers from multiple contractors or companies. The result is that you can always be certain that you have access to the most sought after minds in the industry.

Retained Placement:

Many of our clients have come to trust our screening process so greatly that they retain our services with an up-front fee that ensures the whole strength of The Josef Group finding the perfect candidates for them and them alone.

We are never more pleased than when we can put each muscle of our vetting scrutiny to work for a client’s multiple positions. Often this comes in the form of contractors with new or rotating positions or corporations with massive infrastructures.

The bottom line, though, is that we want to bring you the best with the best methods and so we will often refuse to take a retainer for a single position, priding ourselves on more efficient and more effective methods that will bring results.

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