For those talented and qualified individuals looking to move to the next step on their career path, The Josef Group is a critical ally.

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We have maintained extensive relationships with over thirty different contractors and corporate clients for two decades through our reputation for delivering the highest quality candidates.
We offer the security, confidentiality, and expertise needed for the sensitive fields of defense and technology and combine them with the marketing muscle that matches individuals to the right position.
In addition to our “first call” status with our clients, The Josef Group also has its finger on the pulse of so-called “backfill positions,” a constant stream of the latest, unpublished defense, IT, and engineering jobs.
We represent individuals at all points on the security clearance spectrum. In fact, if you are looking to reach the next rung on the ladder, we can establish a sponsorship in order to get you to the next level of clearance and the next level of your career.

In all, if you are or are looking to be a known commodity in the defense, security, IT, or engineering fields, The Josef Group is your direct connection.