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The world is a vastly different place than it used to be. In fact, chances are the difference between yesterday and today will only be outmatched by the difference between today and tomorrow.

Established in 1992, The Josef Group has been a powerhouse for staffing Defense, Intelligence, Information Technology, and Engineering positions to some of the government’s most central departments and the nation’s most elite corporations.

Defense Intelligence

For over twenty years, The Josef Group has specialized in serving the national security community, connecting government agencies with defense contractors, the Department of Defense with secure, highly trained personnel. We maintain the highest standards for screening candidates for key national positions.
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Information Technology and Engineering

The Josef Group has prided itself on responding to the ever-changing IT needs of agencies, corporations, and businesses. Over our history, we have excelled at delivering the highest caliber talent in computer and engineering professionals.
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Career Advancement

Our relationships with over thirty defense contractors and corporate clients translate to key opportunities for people looking to advance in their fields. Whether it’s defense or technology, our connections make us an on-ramp for the next level of your career. To succeed in providing the highest quality expertise for positions in these complex and demanding fields requires savvy, ingenuity, and the ability to foresee the needs of tomorrow, qualities not to be found in any ordinary or monstrous clearing house for résumés. Our world changes instantly. But when you need to ensure that you’re making the right choice for that unknown future, trust the company that prides itself on intelligent innovation.
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Permanent Placement

When it comes to highly technical or highly secured jobs, our clients realize that finding a continuous source of exceptionally qualified individuals is not an asset to be overlooked. Our ability to deliver the right personnel for today and for tomorrow has earned us lasting relationships with over thirty defense contractors and agencies and a vast array of corporate clients.
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