Information Technology

Today’s world breathes technology. It is the lifeblood of our economy, our industry, and our lives. It’s no surprise, then, that the technological explosion in just the past decade has given rise to an extreme need for highly qualified, highly sought after engineers, programmers, analysts, and developers.

In 1992, when the Internet was just beginning to cast its net around the world, the Josef Group became a premier resource for premier talent. Just as the web became the way to operate commerce, communication, and consumption, we realized that the competition for expertise would only soar.

Fast forward two decades and the Josef Group is a major force in meeting the needs of computer and engineering professionals looking to advance their careers. Between our twenty years of experience, our more than 400,000 candidates, and our unparalleled support, we add a fierce edge to each of our corporate clients.

Over the years we have become a trusted asset for our clients for two reasons:

1. We understand their changing needs by listening and reacting as quickly as the web itself while maintaining the highest standards for pre-screening and reference.

2. We know that quantity almost never means quality and deliver only the finest, best-suited candidates locally and nationally.

In short, we are an invaluable resource for your technology needs.