SIGDEV Analyst – Ft. Meade, MD

• Minimum Clearance Required: TS/SI with CI poly.
• Excellent oral and written communications skills.
• Must be able to analyze a large network or network components, understand the data flow, the inter-workings,
the architecture, protocols, etc. and identify weaknesses, and poor/improper configurations of network.
• Definite strong and deep TCP/IP knowledge.
• Strong desire to do analytical type of work.

Minimum four years direct in depth demonstrated experience with:
• Current agency tools and databases
• Target Research
• Researching Network Topologies architectures and protocols
• Network Operations
• Network Mapping
• Network Protocols
• Network Exploitation of specific protocols and technologies
• Ability to provide both oral and written summary reports and briefs.
• Ability to liaison and collaborate with IC counterparts is desired.

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