CNO Developer Elkridge Maryland

Immediate Openings (firm offers) for a CNO Developer
TS/SCI with full scope poly required

· Developing code in C, C++, C#, x86 assembly

· CNO (Computer Network Operations)
· Reverse Engineering
· Networking fundamentals, Network protocols, and common services such as: DNS, FTP, SSH
· scripting, object-oriented, embedded, device drivers, kernel development
· writing anti virus tools
· writing logarithms
· writing anti-operational systems
· Kernel hooking, Phishing, Hacking
· mobile platforms, android
· Windows loading, Win32

Abilities & Concepts:
· malware analysis
· Vulnerability analysis
· Vulnerability Research
· intrusion detection
· cryptographic systems
· networking protocols
· Parallelization
· Network Forensics, Computer Forensics, Network Exploitation, Incident Response

· WinDbg
· OllyDbg
· IDA Pro
· Git

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