The top qualities that The Josef Group hears from their clients are: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

The service that Debbie and company provided through the Josef Group was consistent with solid results. They provided a steady flow of candidates with quality technical capabilities that met the requirements of what we were looking for to perform the prescribed work.

Randy Hutzler
M.B.A., M.S., PMP

I have worked with Debbie Peda at the Josef Group for several years as the Director of Staffing at Serco North America and can recommend her, and her firm very highly. We have many hard to fill positions that require very high level security clearances and Debbie was able to find people that enabled us to succeed with our program. We had several in-house Recruiters sourcing for candidates, but they were not able to find some of the hard to find candidates that Debbie was able to find. We considered Debbie a valuable part of our recruiting team. During the time we were working with Debbie, we were also working with several other recruiting agencies and Debbie was the only one to find candidates for us. All agencies say they can deliver candidates, but Debbie does deliver them. Debbie came through when no one else could. I will use Debbie, and the Josef Group, as my first choice in recruiting agencies when needs arise.

Paul Brennan
Director of Staffing
Serco North America